The Moment Slipped Away (lyrics) – by Christine Lavin

She’s a famous actress on movies and TV.
I recognize her as we climb the stairs of the IRT.
We cross the street together, moving up Broadway.
I’m trying to come up with something clever I can say
About how I love her work and what it means to me.
How, in her most recent film, she acted brilliantly.
Maybe she’ll think I’m stupid…
  Or maybe it’ll make her day.
She disappeared into the crowd,
  And the moment slipped away…

He works the wards of Bellevue Hospital, mail delivery.
For two years, every weekday morning, he said hello to me.
We’d joke about the local teams and the weather of the day.
Though there were many other things I really wanted to say.
You see, he wasn’t like the rest of us. It was a struggle for him to walk.
And you had to concentrate really hard just to understand him talk.
I wanted to ask him, “Where do you get the courage to come to work each day?”
But I quit that job. I moved along.
  And the moment slipped away…

Kind words don’t move the earth.
But, if they can improve your self worth,
Why do I let these moments pass me by?
Instead, I’m quick to judge, I’m quick to blame…
I’m quick to criticize, quick to maim.
It’s hard to change, but I’ll try.
Oh, I’ll try.

So maybe it’s your best friend. Or the next stranger you see.
Maybe it’s your neighbor. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s me,
Who needs to hear encouragement to make it through the day…
Who needs to hear whatever kind words you might have to say.
It doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you have been.
Cause now is the perfect time for us to begin
To appreciate each other in new and different ways.
  Oh please don’t let another golden moment slip away.

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