I’m Not Quite Over You (lyrics) – by Cliff Eberhardt

Everything seems in order.
Everything seems to be fine.
I still get it done,
But sometimes I have to try.

I am watching my footsteps
Taking myself down the street.
Everything is an effort.
Everything feels incomplete…

Did you ever notice little things about me?
Now you never notice anything new.
I can’t stop the feeling
I’m not quite over you.

I noticed that you haven’t called me.
Did you know that I’m back in town?
I’ve always been a lousy dancer,
Twisting myself all around.

Did I ever tell you that I’m sorry?
Did I ever tell you that you are wrong?
Did I ever tell you one damn thing
To make you stay away so long?

Did you ever stop your crying?
Now you got me crying too.
Everybody’s got a problem.
And I’m not quite over you.

I’m not over this feeling.
You’re not out of my heart.
You did not disappear.
Am I just standing in the dark?

I didn’t get the message.
I didn’t see you.
I didn’t get over you.
Did you get over me?

I am counting the minutes.
I am wasting my time.
The only way to get better
Is to get you out of my mind.

Did I ever tell you that I love you?
That’s important to me now.
Now I am dealing in daydreams
Of how I can touch you somehow.

If you ever change your feelings…
If you ever feel like I do…
I hope that you can reach me.
Cause I’m not quite over you.

I’m not quite over you.

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